Saturday, December 20, 2008

what can In give you this Christmas

The song “What can I give you this Christmas” keeps ringing in my brain as I think about what story to write about cells today. So what can I give you this Christmas? Well, maybe I can share with you how I got fascinated with cells. It all started when I took up Cytology in the undergrad.

As you know, Cytology is the study of cells. It was the first time the course was offered as an elective so our teacher was so excited about it. Her excitement was contagious such that we the students also got excited at learning more about cells. Even if we only had our compound microscope then, our teacher had so many electron micrographs of various cells and their components. I would pour over these micrographs and marvel at the orderliness of everything in the cell.

Later, when I was in graduate school, I took up Cell Biology and this got me even more interested in cells. Eventually, when I started teaching, I taught Cell and Molecular Biology and I was hooked for good. I would read anything and everything about cells and excitedly shared everything I learned with my students. Now I’m extending this love of cells in this blog.

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Salvacion P. Angtuaco said...

Oops...the title should read "what can I give you this Christmas". Sorry about that.

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