Thursday, January 29, 2009

Why follow rules?

Following rules is very important in human society as well as in the cellular world. The difference is, cells follow rules “religiously” while humans tend to circumvent or even break or bend the rules. Maybe one of the reasons why we have problems in society is because we tend to do just that – either circumvent rules or break them.

I think we can learn a thing or two from cells. In the cellular world, everything flows smoothly. There is no chaos or anarchy. Why is this so? Well, because cells follow the rules or laws of nature.

For example, take a look at how cells generate energy...

When cells generate energy, they follow steps so there is no build up of both resources and products. There is always an enzyme that facilitates all processes every step of the way. Every process flows smoothly. No step is ever by-passed, there are no short cuts. The metabolic pathway that is followed is always the one that is the most energy efficient given the resources available. Every molecule in the cell "knows" its role and just awaits its turn to play its role. There is no jockeying for position because each molecule has its own time and place for action. There is no "me first, you later" in the cellular world.

Cells follow the rules of nature. We have the choice whether to follow rules of man or of nature. We have choice or freedom to choose, cells don’t have. So maybe there is really no parallelism. Cells “can’t help it” (but follow) but we can choose to follow or not. However, I strongly believe that if we just listen to our heart, we will also choose to follow the “laws of nature”.

In the cellular world, cells follow the laws of nature because these are programmed into their cellular “being”. I believe that in the human world we also have similar “laws of nature” programmed into our own being. However, we have problems knowing what these laws are because they are sometimes masked by the many distractions we have along the way. Many of us are beginning to sense however that indeed there are laws of nature that are also programmed in us. This is the reason why books like “A Purpose Driven Life” for example are so popular these days. We are now beginning to discover what our own “laws of nature” are.

Cells “know” their laws of nature and follow them “religiously” as I said earlier. We are just beginning to discover or rediscover our very own “laws of nature”. Once we do that and follow them, then I’m sure that our world will also flow as smoothly as that of the cellular world.

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