Monday, November 3, 2008

cell design 101.1

As our cell story unfolds, observe that after putting together the basic requirements in cell design, a major variation is incorporated. This major variation is the formation of an internal membrane system that encloses the genetic material and several of the biosynthetic machinery molecules. What is/are the result(s) of this variation? Well, we can now recognize two large groups of cells – the prokaryotic cells and the eukaryotic cells. The eukaryotic cells are those with the internal membrane system while no such structure is present in prokaryotic cells. Because of this variation, the enclosed genetic material is now called the nucleus; while the enclosed biosynthetic machinery molecules are now identified as organelles. Isn’t that beautiful? Just one major variation, and a whole new world, the world of eukaryotic cells, with their nucleus and various organelles unfolds.

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