Saturday, November 1, 2008

My favorite part of the cell

My favorite part of the cell is the cell membrane. Why? Because so many interesting things happen on and in the cell membrane.

Just think - what is the first thing that happens when a sperm meets an egg during fertilization? - cell membrane interaction of course. What is involved when a neuron gets excited and fires a nerve impulse? - cell membrane transport changes, that's what happens. When the environment gets freezing cold, what do cells do? - put on "kinky" cell membranes.

I could go on and on about cell membranes but I think you get what I mean. There is so much going on and in cell membranes. I can actually use up one whole class period just talking about cell membranes but this is not a class but a blog. So this is where I stop today. But I hope I got you thinking about cell membranes.

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