Thursday, March 4, 2010

Surprising Discovery - Mitochodrial DNA Exhibits Great Diversity

New Finding! - A recent article said that mitochondrial DNA exhibits great diversity even in the same individual. This is a big surprise and has great significance in making of genetic markers as well as in the field of forensics.

The article says that different tissues are observed to have different mitochondrial DNA. They are not sure yet when this diversity become manifest.

Here is the link to this article.


Lolit C said...

Hey there Baby, I was searching for something cell-related and ran into your blog. I was so gladdened learning it was written by you. You've got amazing science articles in here and promise I'd be coming back. I'm so interested being a Science teacher myself. Keep it up. I miss our hubpages as well.

S.P.Angtuaco said...

Hi Lolit,
It's great to see you here! I didn't know that you are also a science teacher. I'm happy that you found this interesting and useful. I have not updated it though but I will. eventually. You can also direct your students or other fellow teachers to it.
I have not been so active in HubPages either. I now spend more time in my RedBubble page. The link is in this site and even in my HubPages profile.
Again, I'm happy you found this. See you around!
God bless!

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